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yes i will stand up for defenceless animals!

Animals need your help now!

Uncaged is embarking on a groundbreaking
campaign to achieve massive exposure of Herbal Essences’ cruelty to animals. We urgently need your donations so we can afford to inform and inspire everyone to boycott Herbal Essences, and so persuade them to stop their cruel and needless testing on animals.

Please remember that animals can’t defend themselves. They will continue to suffer and die at the hands of Herbal Essences unless good people like you stand up and defend them by donating to our campaign.

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If you donate £5 or more (£7 outside UK) then we can send you an 80 page UK Compassionate Shopping Guide with information about loads of companies that do and don’t test on animals, so you can make sure you are not unwittingly paying for animal cruelty!

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what you can do
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