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donna thomas



where do you live?

for how long have you been campaigning against animal testing
Four years

why did you start campaigning against animal testing
It's horrific that people can justify using non-human animals for the 'benefit' of human animals

what is you favorite type of campaign tactic / action?
'Supermarket Sweep'

what is your favorite shampoo?
'Daddy O' by Lush

what is your favorite animal?
A Pig

what is your favorite film?
Pan's Labyrinth

what is your favorite album?
Beirut 'Gulag Orkestrar'

what is your favourite book?
His Dark Materials Trilogy by Phillip Pullman


what is your favourite tv programme
Come Dine With Me

what is your favorite football team?
I hate football!

what is your favorite holiday destination?

what are your dislikes, bugbears, phobias?

what o you do to relax outside campaigning / animal rights?
Go for a walk in the gorgeous woods around Sheffield.

why should people boycott herbal essences?
It's full of chemicals, tested on animals and the adverts are really annoying.

what you can do
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