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jan yarker

61 years

Disabled now retired

where do you live?
West Wickham, Bromley, Kent.

for how long have you been campaigning against animal testing
Five years – I started with the Procter & Gamble Boycott.

why did you start campaigning against animal testing
I always knew vivisection was wrong and have always been against it but I didn’t realise there was anything I could do. Having seen a leaflet from Uncaged about P&G I felt I wanted to try and help by joining a local group. Unfortunately there wasn’t one so I leafleted on my own, mouth dry with nerves, but determined to help the animals. That’s how I started.

what is you favorite type of campaign tactic / action?
I find having an information stall, talking to the public and leafleting are very fulfilling. We can help people make more informed decisions and shop more compassionately that way. I’m always nervous, being very shy, but working with like-minded people helps as we support each other. It’s always a good friendly atmosphere when we work. Because of my disability I often feel unwell when campaigning but, if I need to remember why I’m there, I think of what the animals are going through and this keeps me going.

what is your favorite shampoo?
I don’t have a particular favourite but always choose a shampoo that is not tested on animals and has no animal ingredients. Jason is one that I use and Faith in Nature from the Natural collection catalogue or good health shops.

what is your favorite animal?
Again I don’t have a favourite, as they are all so special in their own right. From as far back as I can remember however, I do have a very strong affinity with dogs.

what is your favorite film?
That’s a tough one; I don’t see as many films as I would like. I like a good comedy that lifts the spirits. I don’t like too much violence in films, as there is so much on the news as it is. It’s good to watch a film that can take us away from all that.

what is your favorite album?
Again this varies, especially as I get older. I like Rock n’ Roll, Meat Loaf, Status Quo and many other types of music depending on the mood I’m in. I love dancing and listening to music that has a beat as it lifts me up!

what is your favourite book?
Unfortunately having ME I’m unable to read very much. If I could a good who dunnit would keep me quiet for a while. Again my tastes are varied.


what is your favourite tv programme
I’m a little hooked on Soaps, especially Coronation Street, enjoy Dr Who, most comedies such as Catherine Tate and Fools and Horses and good detective series such as Poirot, Frost, Foyle’s War.

what is your favorite football team?
Sorry, no can do! If England ever reach the World Cup Final I would probably watch that!

what is your favorite holiday destination?
I enjoy holidays in England. There are so many beautiful places to see from north to south. I’m not too bothered about searching for the sun; if it’s dry I’m happy! However there are places I would like to see such as Venice, Pompeii and Herculaneum. I’ve been to Australia and would like to make a return visit.

what are your dislikes, bugbears, phobias?
Can’t think of a phobia as such. Among the things that I dislike are peoples’ intolerance of others, selfishness, mans’ inhumanity to man and the animals, greed for power and money, people who lie and cheat and who are harshly judgemental of others who are less fortunate than

what o you do to relax outside campaigning / animal rights?
About four times a year I go away for a few days on a course to develop my spiritual awareness and mediumship. I also work as a spiritual healer with particular emphasis on animals. I’m developing my mediumship as a tool to help with my healing as a good part of healing is talking and listening. The closer I work with Spirit the more inspired I seem to become when talking to people about their problems. It’s a lovely way to help people and their animals and is so rewarding. Apart from that my husband and I have a growing family and have recently become grandparents with another grandchild on the way. I feel very blessed that I have a close and loving family. If I’m well enough I enjoy gardening.

why should people boycott herbal essences?
People should boycott Herbal Essences because of the cruelty behind the product. Sentient beings, the animals, that P&G use for cruel, invasive and fatal tests should never be used in this way. They have the same feelings and emotions as we do and deserve to be free to live the life they were put on this earth for, free of fear and pain.

what you can do
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