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martin fox


where do you live?
Some people call it “The English Riviera”!

for how long have you been campaigning against animal testing
Actively, for about eight years since the formation of Exeter Friends For Animals.

why did you start campaigning against animal testing
Realising that information is the key. If people have all the facts they can then make informed choices. Plus the chance to dress up in animal costumes!

what is you favorite type of campaign tactic / action?
Our regular campaign stalls in Exeter are always well attended and very rewarding. Dressing up in animal costumes always seems to work well too!

what is your favorite shampoo?
Favourite shampoo? Good grief! As long as it’s 100% cruelty free and makes my hair clean, it’s all the same to me. Co-op’s own brand selection seems to do the job quite admirably. Or something from Lush if I’m feeling flush!

what is your favorite animal?
Without wishing to sound all earnest, a non-exploited one.

what is your favorite album?
Far too numerous to mention. It really all depends on the mood. I’m listening to Beloved One by Lou Rhodes as I write this.


what is your favorite film?
This is Spinal Tap. Not too earnest is it?

what is your favorite football team?
I follow the lows and lows of Torquay United.

what is your favorite holiday destination?
Apart from the English Riviera? New Zealand comes a close second.

what o you do to relax outside campaigning / animal rights?
Drumming, camping, live music, growing my own veg, a few pints……....and dressing up in animal costumes.

why should people boycott herbal essences?
It’s really simple. If you buy it, your money funds immense cruelty and animal suffering. There are dozens of cruelty free alternatives available.

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