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max newton


Campaigns coordinator for Uncaged

where do you live?

for how long have you been campaigning against animal testing
10 years

why did you start campaigning against animal testing
It’s cruel! And Uncaged were based in my adopted city of Sheffield.

what is you favorite type of campaign tactic / action?
Intelligent, targeted campaigns that harness popular opinion in a positive way. And dressing in animal costumes in public!

what is your favorite shampoo?
Co-op own, anti-dandruff – out of necessity rather than choice!

what is your favorite animal?
Live with 2 cats, but brought up with dogs. And, to me, the sight of a dog looking out of a car window is the funniest thing in the world. So (with apologies to James and Claws): dogs.

what is your favorite film?
CB4 – like ‘Spinal Tap’ but about hip-hop (a ‘Rapumentary’) and funnier; and Top Secret. Funniest films ever.

what is your favorite album?
Parliament; ‘Funkentelechy Vs. the Placebo Syndrome.’ P-Funk at it’s best, featuring the timeless classic that is ‘Flashlight.’

what is your favourite book?
‘Provided You Don’t Kiss Me – 20 Years With Brian Clough’ by Duncan Hamilton – a brilliant account of the rise and fall of the Master Manager, which I’ve just read. ‘The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner’ by James Hogg – unique, rivetting genius.

what is your favorite football team?
Nottingham Forest.


what is your favourite tv programme
Currently: ‘The Apprentice,’ ‘Family Guy,’ ‘Coronation Street.’ Just been bought the 1st 2 series of ‘The Wire’ on DVD, which I’m told is genius – I’ll let you know.

what is your favorite holiday destination?
Best place I’ve been to is: Prince William Sound, Alaska, USA – where we had a 4 day kayaking trip amongst the icebergs, seals, whales, sea-otters, framed by amazing scenery. But now we (me and my partner) are more into holidaying in the UK – where we can still get mountain scenery, and get away from it all for a week or two (eg. in Scotland).

what are your dislikes, bugbears, phobias?
People referring to ‘Notts Forest’ – there is no such team! People saying they promise to give anything more than 100%. By its definition 100% is the absolute maximum you can possibly give. Waiting in long queues to give my money away.

what o you do to relax outside campaigning / animal rights?
Watching football (although watching Forest is never ‘relaxing’ unless it’s old videos of European Cup glory), playing 5 a side football, running (I’m currently training for a marathon), listening to music, reading, playing poker.

why should people boycott herbal essences?
Because it’s been tested on animals; and the makers of it – P&G – not only routinely poison and kill thousands of animals a year, they try and con people into believing they’re the most ethical company in the world!

what you can do
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