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pauline moylan

I wish it were a closely guarded secret, but it isn't, so I may as well own up to being 55 years young.

I am a barrister, employed with a South Yorkshire local authority.

where do you live?
Garforth (a village on the outskirts of Leeds).

why did you start campaigning against animal testing
I grew up in Australia and moved to Brisbane to read Law. It was at this time that I read "Animal Liberation" by Peter Singer, but I had already started to become aware of animal abuse. Singer's book acted as a catalyst for the process of revelation of what was already within me, and it helped me to identify and articulate what I think I had always known instinctively, but importantly it also legitimized how I had always felt.

As so often happens, just when I really needed to connect with other like-minded people, I happened to read an article in the newspaper about a group of people who were campaigning against battery chickens, so I wrote to the contact, and that was that - my official campaigning for animals began. I helped to start Animal Liberation (Queensland) in Australia, and I recall one Saturday (in about 1980 or 1981) in the middle of Brisbane being one of the "bunnies" who sat in the super-sized stock, with only my head showing, as part of our protest against the Draize Test.

what is you favorite type of campaign tactic / action?
As an individual, I believe in my power as a consumer, and I encourage others to exercise their own power for the sake of alleviating the abuse of animals - eschew products that have been tested on animals and boycott commercial entities that support such abuse.

It is absolutely essential, if we are to bring about a fundamental and long-lasting change in the way animals are viewed and treated in society, that we change the law. We need, therefore, to persuade the law-makers to act, and this means that individuals need to become involved in the political process and use their power as voters - write to their own MPs/MEPs to encourage them to support animal protection motions at the UK and EU Parliaments, sign petitions and so forth.

what is your favorite animal?
I am, and I always have been, a cat lover.

what is you favorite tv programme?
Probably would have to say "M*A*S*H*, and "Yes, Minister"/Yes, Prime Minister" (on the principle of know thy enemy - essential reading for anyone involved in political action).

what is your favorite film?
"The African Queen", with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn.


what is your favorite football team?
I am nominally a Liverpool supporter, as I lived near Liverpool in my childhood and one was required to make a choice - Liverpool or Everton. I think I chose Liverpool because I preferred red.

what is your favorite holiday destination?
I love being near the sea, or at least a substantial body of water, and I like to holiday in the British Isles. My dream holiday destination, however, would be an island (or some such) where everything was vegan and cruelty-free and all forms of animal abuse were banned (no fishing, shooting, hunting, animal circuses, zoos, etc., etc) - Utopia!

what are your dislikes, bugbears, phobias?
Don't get me started (speeding and not using indicators, parking in disabled bays, private homes with rottweiler "security" lights spoiling the night, summer evenings being ruined by the smell of barbecued flesh and so and so on ....) I left a job last year, and my immediate colleagues (who are not much younger than me, and with whom I used to share some extremely cathartic grouch sessions) gave me the book, "Grumpy Old Women" as a leaving present. Say no more!

what o you do to relax outside campaigning / animal rights?
Theoretically, I go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week. I like to walk, and I am supposed to go cycling, too. I enjoy my garden, and we have created a low-maintenance one (basically lots of shrubs, ground cover, wild flowers and a mere token patch of "lawn"), so that I can do more enjoying and less actual work. Basically, however, I am incredibly lazy and like nothing better than sitting around, talking, playing games (cards, backgammon, trivial pursuit, etc., etc.) with family and friends - oh, and eating, too, of course!

why should people boycott herbal essences?
The HE range is of course produced by Procter and Gamble, which is the world's largest consumer products company and which not only refuse to turn their back on animal testing but actually spend resources fighting any proposed restrictions on it. I noticed some time ago that this particular brand of products was being advertised in and around a "jungle" pool, with monkeys enjoying a lovely life. It sickened me to think of what actual animals in laboratories had been forced to endure in bringing these goods to the market. The hypocrisy of using happy, free animals to advertise products that have involved animal abuse is utterly disgusting.

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